Privacy Policy


SpyTech – privacy policy regarding the use of our products and services

SpyTech – ALFA SYSTEM PLUS D.O.O. fully respect the privacy of all persons, and in particular the privacy of their clients which is guaranteed. You can meet with our spyware experts in the company’s office at full discretion. The sales area is not on the street with a shopping window that attracts attention, but it is in the flat of a residential building where you can come completely anonymous and protected from curious views, get all information about spyware, troubleshooting tips, instructions for setting up or using spyware, you can get a demonstration of how our devices work, arrange some of the spyware services and of course buy a spy product.

SpyTech – ALFA SYSTEM PLUS D.O.O. fully complies with the following principles.

  • No records are kept on clients, sold spyware products or services,
  • There is no client archive, nor any records of clients,
  • When purchasing spyware or ordering spyware, no one needs your identification document,
  • Data to which SpyTech – ALFA SISTEM PLUS D.O.O. come with the use of spyware or spyware services are delivered exclusively to you and after that they are destroyed, i.e. permanently deleted,
  • Data to which SpyTech – ALFA SISTEM PLUS D.O.O. come with the use of spyware or spyware services, before they are delivered to you, they are not, under any circumstances, given for inspection or use to third parties,
  • Privacy, discretion and trust of clients are immanent to our work!

But even though our company fully respects the discretion of its clients, you are obligated to respect someone else’s privacy while using spyware, do not abuse the information you have come to and respect all the legal norms of the country in which you use spyware. Read more on the Terms of Use page.