Terms of use


Using the site

The site SPYTECH is owned by ALFA SYSTEM PLUS D.O.O. and using this site is a presentation of products and services of our company. The complete content of the website is also owned by the firm and it is not allowed to copy and use the content of the site for any purpose without the consent of the owner. You should keep in mind that not all products are displayed, and you can find the most detailed information in our office.

Use of spyware

ALFA SYSTEM PLUS D.O.O. is the only company in Serbia registered for the sale of spy equipment. You buy out products legally, you get a receipt and a warranty. Before using all devices, you must be aware of the fact that for their misuse you can bear the consequences and be prosecuted. If your work is being documented as “Violating someone’s privacy,” you will be responsible for this. The users themselves are obliged to respect all local and national laws!!!


ALFA SYSTEM PLUS D.O.O. waive and do not bear any responsibility for using the equipment or any part thereof purchased at our company.

  • in case of violation of the law of the country in which the equipment is used
  • in the event of any material or non-material, direct or indirect damage to anyone
  • in cases of abuse
  • in case of violation of privacy, copyrights or other rights of the equipment user or third parties
  • in cases of using equipment for discrimination on any basis

By purchasing spy equipment, the user is considered to be familiar with and accepting these Terms of Use. ALFA SYSTEM PLUS D.O.O. does not keep records of the person to whom the equipment is sold, does not take any personal data and guarantees full discretion.